Critical Marketing

Critical Marketing Components:
How will Real Estate by Hamwey market your property?

By listing your property with Real Estate by Hamwey, you gain the lasting benefits of our years of consistent, professional advertising. Surveys in the Billings area have proven that we have achieved leadership and a reputation for professionalism in the community and the industry. We will promote your property through these critical marketing components:

Referrals are just one reason why you should choose a company with experience and reputation. Real Estate by Hamwey and our agents have developed a circle of devoted clientele. Keepin gin touch with this ever-widening resource brings us buyers for your home. We recieve such a high number of referrals because of our high degree of integrity and honesty.

We use both classified ads and institutional ads when advertising your property in print. We have a large ad in the Sunday Billings Gazette featuring our open houses and drive-by properties each week. We also have a large, full page, full color ad in the Welcome Home.

We will continue to use technology–both in house and on the Internet–to market your property. We have a proven record of reaching a wide range of prospective clients through our website. Feedback from users indicates that they enjoy the 24/7 access to our informative website. Our users tell us that they regularly explore our property listings using our website during their home search endeavors. Back to top

We at Real Estate by Hamwey strongly believe that Yard Signs are a highly effective marketing tool. Statistics show that 70% of the telephone calls we recieve result from our signs, which reach 100’s of potential buyers daily. Along with the sign in your yard, our agents place flyer boxes on the signs that contain marketing flyers to give that extra measure of exposure to your property. Back to top

Open houses are organized and hosted for you. Real Estate by Hamwey offers two types of open houses to market your property. Realtor open houses are offered weekly for area realtors only. This gives them the opportunity to preview your property and contact their buyers with information on your property. Our Sunday Open Houses are recognized as the most attention getting ads in the newspaper! These ads are seen weekly by 1000’s of readers and potential buyers and continually generate calls into our office from people who are looking for properties. Back to top

Radio and television are another form of media which we occasionally use to market our properties. Using the radio, we’ve implemented institutional and classified ads coordinated to our Sunday Open Houses. Through television, we promote eye-catching image ads that build our reputation and give us the opportunity to reach more potential buyers with information on your property.

Our firm is fully computerized and linked to the Billings Multiple Listing Service. This makes it possible for us to be up-to-date on even the newest real estate listings within a 100 mile radius of Billings. From the time your property is entered into our computer system it not only becomes immediately available to other realtors in the area, but also to users who have Internet access to search all available listings in the area. This creates large interest and immediate action from realtors and others looking for a home just like yours!

Real Estate by Hamwey has an attractive ad in the local Yellow Pages which gives potential buyers yet another way to contact us. This contributes to our outstanding reputation as a successful real estate brokerage in the community.